Major Search Engines and Directories
Yahoo! Very Popular
BING Search
Google Very Big & Popular
AltaVista Fast
HotBot Big.....Clusters Results
Ask Jeeves use plain language

All The Web Quick

Yahoo Mindset sort by shopping or Information
Cha Cha choose Web or Human Assistance
Exalead offers clustering and previews
Comet Query   nice results with web pictures
Digital Librarian a Librarian's List of Sources
FactBites Relevent sentences and different results
Brain Boost   Ask Questions in Real Language

Other Regular Search Engines
Google Advanced Search
Google All University Search
Pandia Search Central
Scirus  For Scientific Research School Domain
        SearchGov .gov Domain
        SearchMil  .mil Domain
Search Engine Showdown Reviews, Lessons
Search Engine Watch Reviews Engines
Thunderstone Big Document Retrieval
WebBrain Useless for Search... But Cool
MetaSearch Engines  Searching with Multiple Engines
MetaEureka nice Bare Bones Interface
Vivisimo Topical Categories
Ixquick Fast with 14 Engines & Ranking
Maximum Edge Search with Top 8 Engines
Surf Wax different features...either Love or Hate
Dogpile   4 engines
Kartoo New and Interesting also try the Flash Version

New Stuff in MetaSearch Engines
Who Nu totally different features...many options
Keotag Searches BLOGS in meta format
Detavor Allows comparisons if Engines Results
PolyMeta Search with tags and pictures (Customizable)
Omni Medical Search It is medical

Other Meta Engine worth a try:
Don Busca   Lots of options , Clusters results also
Findelio Multiple Languages and allows saving results
I Boogie New...and it works well
Ask Scott Queries you as you Go
Copernic a great Download with Options
FindSpot a Directory of Engines & Tools
Mamma  Use the Friendly Power Search Template
MetaCrawler  Also has a Template in Power Search
Search Thingy
Pandia this is a Directory
Light Switch    Many Search OPTIONS (take the time to try this)  CNet's Specialty Meta
ZWorks   try the Power Search,  mixed results,  12 engines

Mapping Online...Alternatives to Yahoo and Google Mapping
Microsoft Live Maps Lots of options, try the "Birds Eye View"
Image Atlas Global Explorer works pretty quick
Terra Server Take time to Zoom In with each of these Mappers

NewsTrove   A good NEWS Search
News Search Portal also try Google and Yahoo News Search
list of search engines
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More Search Tools
Noodle Tools Search intelligently (categories)
Turbo Scout Bounce quick across Search Engines

List of Web Explorers

Encyclopedia, Almanac, Biography, Libraries
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list of search engines
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